our complete itinerary from our vacation to spain and morocco

September 30, 2017

I have officially been back from what felt like a dream like vacation for a few weeks now. I figured now is the perfect time to share with y’all a recap of the trip. This update is going to come in a few parts. Today’s post is a complete overview of the trip – showing y’all the itinerary, how we traveled between each location, and a general overview of each city. I will be coming out with 4 travel guides, one for each city over the next few weeks with specifics on where we stayed, where/what we ate, and what we did. So please stay tuned.

For now, here’s my overall recap from our trip to Spain and Morocco.

We spent 11 days between both countries – with 1 day of travel at the beginning and 1 day of travel at the end. We began our trip in Barcelona and spent 3 days there. Barcelona was incredible. Between the architecture, the food (and the WINE), I enjoyed all of what this city had to offer. One of my most favorite things we did in Barcelona was a sailing tour around the city. They took us out at sunset and served us wine and cheese. It was absolutely gorgeous to see the city in that way!

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white romper – exact | sunglasses – exact | straw hat | sandals :: navy dress | men’s yellow button down

Next, we flew from Barcelona to Ibiza. Ibiza is a small island off the coast of Valencia, Spain. The flight was very quick, about an hour, and the one way ticket only cost about $60 per person. We spent 2 days in Ibiza and 95% of the time, we were on the beach. Ibiza has the reputation of being one of the biggest party islands anywhere in the world. Now, that is definitely something you can partake in while in Ibiza, clubs are plentiful. However, Ibiza surprised us by being so much more than “just a party island”. The ocean water was warm and crystal blue and the vibe of the locals were warm, welcoming, and very relaxed. Oh, and the seafood, wow, it was delicious!

These pictures were taken by the amazingly talented Isa Sanz. To see more pics from our shoot, visit her website. And if you end up in Ibiza, definitely book a shoot with her! 

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red dress – exact dress | earrings | men’s shirt – exact | men’s chinos

For our last destination in Spain, we flew from Ibiza to Sevilla. Again, the flight was quick and the ticket was about $50 per person. Now, I had heard a lot of friends talk about how wonderful Sevilla was. However, besides hearsay from others, I really didn’t know much about it. Well, I will never forget Sevilla now. It was without a doubt my favorite city on the trip and honestly, one my favorite cities I’ve ever visited.

Everything about this city was magical. From the bougainvillea and oleander flowers that decorated the alleyways to the colorful paint colors on the 18th century buildings to the ‘can’t stop eating’ exceptional cuisine to the flamenco dancing (where I legitimately cried watching them) – it all took my breath away. At one point, I asked my hubby to fly back to america and grab our pups because we’re moving here! A trip back here needs to happen VERY soon.

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blue top | white shorts | sneaker – exact | straw hat | sunglasses – exact

After Sevilla, we drove to the port in Spain to take a ferry to Tangier, Morocco. Once arriving at the port in Tangier Med, we took a cab to downtown Tangier – roughly 45 minute drive. We spent a couple hours in Tangier before boarding the overnight train for Marrakech. The train takes about 10 hours and cost us about $30 /each for the sleeper cabin. That was an interesting experience to say the least – more to come on that in my Marrakech travel guide.

After a long night, we arrived in Marrakech. Marrakech, the Old Medina specifically, was like a whole new world. The food, the souks, the people, everything was new and wonderful! The biggest surprise for me was how different the outside of buildings looked from the inside. You would walk past a pretty “ordinary”, ordinary in Moroccan terms, building and think not much of it but as soon as you stepped through the door you were stunned by the gorgeous tiles and colors and beauty hiding just beyond the wall.

outfit details:
black dress – exact | turban hat – exact | sunglasses – exact | sneakers – exact :: red dress – exact | straw hat | sunglasses – exact | sandals – similar | YSL bag

For our last night, we flew to Madrid. There we just took the opportunity to just absorb the amazing experiences we had just had over the past 11 days. With a glass of Tempranillo in hand, we sat outside and just marveled at all of the beauty of Spain. Early the next morning, we reluctantly boarded our flight back to the states.

Until next time …

Stay tuned for my detailed travel guide for each city – Barcelona, Ibiza, Sevilla, Marrakech! I hope you all enjoy our adventures. Anyone been to these cities and shared my feelings or had a different experience there – please comment below?

with love and happiness,

ashley mahaffey

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